Polson Community Church
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Members Pictures

Achenbaugh, Ellen

Adamson, Jack and Sharon

Alderdice, Lee and Di

Baer, Ruth

Barber, Russ And Kathy

Baxter, Ruth

Beck, Shirley

Benner, Dick

Blais, Don and Ruth

Boyle, Gerri

Brasch, Chris

Burke, Margaret

Cardoza, Frank, Dawn, Matthew

Carlyle, Marvin

Chapman, Jim And Debbie

Chowning, Clinton,Melissa, Chelsea, Cadis

Clawson, Ken and Linda

Cyr, Les and Marcia

Delaney, Kyle and Kelsey

Deneault, Shelly

Duford, Elsa

Dykstra, Andy

Dykstra, Andy

Dykstra, Val

Ekland, Eleanor

Esch, Barb

Estvold, Leigh Ann

Finch, JoAnne

Forman, Archie and Barb

Frazier, Loran and Marilyn

Fulton, Bob and Sharon

Giffin, Dick and Noma

Gipe, Amelia (MiMi)

Good, Karen

Gyzeny, Sophia

Hadley, Jim and Susie

Henneman, Boyd and Pat

Herreid, Sonny and Gail

Higgins, Earlene

Hirsch, Marie

Hoover, Larry and Linda

Hove, Herbert and Irmgard

Innes, Billie

Jackson, Pearl

James, Mitch

Kackmann, Ray, Joyce and Kaitlyn

Laughlin, Willie

Lawin, Cindy

Lezak, Sue

Lindon, Doug and Laurie

Loebbecke, Jim and Joan

Lucas, Anna

Lucas, Lori

Mahaffey, NormaJean

Mahugh, Brian

McEnaney, Arlene

McNatt, Susie

Meyer, Marilyn

Mitchell, Jack and Ann

Morgan, John and Lynne

Morigeau, Doug

Muniz, Sotero and Judy

Neeley, Max and Kathi

Nelson, Gail and Barb

Nelson, Jeff and Chris

Newgard, Jerry and Karol

Nicol, Bob and Bev

Nielslen, Jim & Peggy

Pangburn, Ed and Norma

Perrine, Bob and Judy

Peterson, Don and Laurie

Pritt, Cora

Rasmussen, Roger and Judy

Reed, Eileen

Ross, Keith & Vivian

Roys, Hal

Ruckdashel, Betty

Sawyer, Diana

Schmidt, Arlene

Scott, Dick and Melodee

Sherwood, Carol

Simon, Ron and Myrna

Sivelle, Jim

Stephens, Jeri

Stephenson, Lillian

Svendsen, Jack and Judy

Syvrud, Bob and June

Syvrud, Susie

Targerson, Anita

Targerson, Wes,Randi,Owen,Lucas

Thomas, Jack and Deanna

Thronson, Harvey and Louise

Tryan, Gary and Kay

Tysk, Jim and Terri


Waddell, Carl

Weaver, Buck and Sandy

Wheat, Steve and Carole

Williams, Bob and Brenda

Witham, Ted and Kay

Wretling, Ed and Joyce
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